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Black Marlin
(Makaira Indika)
125-300 lbs Avg.

Blue Marlin
125-300 lbs Avg.

Striped Marlin
(Tetrapturus Audax)
125-250 lbs Avg.

(Xiphias Gladius)
200-500 lbs Avg.

(Istiophorus Platypterus)
60-80 lbs Avg.

Mahi Mahi

(Coryphaena Hippurus)
10-30 lbs Avg.
May reach 80 lbs.

Yellowfin Tuna
(Thunnus Albacares)
20-40 lbs Avg.
Up to 388 lbs.

(Acanthocybium Solanderi)
30-60 lbs Avg.
Up to 150 lbs.

(Katsuwonus Pelamis)
5-10 lbs Avg.
Up to 50 lbs.

(Sarda Chiliensis)

bonito identification


Family: Scombridae, MACKEREL and TUNAS
Sarda Chiliensis

The Pacific Bonito body is shaped somewhat like a cigar and is somewhat compressed. The mouth is large while the head is pointed and conical. The back of the bonito is darke blue while the sides appear to be dusky while becoming silvery on the bottom. You will notice that there are slanted dark stripes along the back.

When you locate a school of Bonito, it is usually easy to arouse them at which point the Bonito will hit almost any bait or lure that is tossed their way. Bonito can be caught by trolling and as well live bait fishing. The preffered method here is to find the schools by trolling feathers.


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