Pacific Red Snapper
(Lutjanus Peru)
Up to 2 1/2 ft.

MX Barred Snapper
(Hoplopagrus Guntherii)
Up to 2 1/2 ft

Spotted Rose Snapper
(Lutjanus Guttarus)
Up to 2 1/2 ft.

Yellow Snapper
(Lutjanus Argentiventris)
Up to 2 ft / 20 lbs

Colorado Snapper
(Lutjanus Colorado)
Up to 3 ft.

Dog Snapper
(Lutjanus Novemfaciatis)
Up to 4 ft / 100 lbs.

Rooster Fish
(Nematistius Pectoralis)
15-20 lbs Avg
Up to 100 lbs. +

Gulf Grouper
(Mycteroperca Jordani)
Up to 6 ft

Gulf Coney
(Epinephelus Acanthistius )
Up to 3 ft.

( Epinephelus Analogus)
Up to 3 ft.

Black Sea Bass
( Stereolepsis Gigas)
Up to 500 lbs. +

Sierra Mackerel
(Scomberomorus Sierra)
Up to 31 inches

(Balistes Polylepis)
Up to 2 1/2 ft.

(Centropomus Medius)
Up to 5 ft.

Pacific Permit
(Trachinotus Kennedyi)
Up to 3 ft.

(Trachinotus Paitensis)

Up to 20 inches

(Cynoscion Parvipinnis)
Up to 20 inches

White Sea Bass
(Atractoscion Nobilis)
Up to 90 lbs.

Jack Crevelle
(Caranx Hippos)
Up to 30 inches

(Sphyraena Lucasana)
Up to 2 ft.

(Seriola Rivoliana)
Up to 5 ft.

Light Tackle sport fishing in Mazatlan with Vikings Fleet Sport Fishing is a great idea for the entire family.  Sport Fishing Mazatlan Mexico on our Light Tackle fishing trips produces a wide variety of small game fish with Snapper, Grouper, Barracuda, Trigger Fish, Rooster Fish and many, many other species which will ensure action for all to have fun and most of all, have a most memorable fishing experience with us (Vikings Fleet Sport Fishing) while you are here fishing Mazatlan Mexico.

Vikings Fleet Sport Fishing offers small game fishing trips daily here in Mazatlan Mexico with our fishing boats departing from the newest marina here in Mazatlan at the "Marina Mazatlan".

To the left you will find information on most of the small game fish that you will encounter here in Mazatlan Mexico.  Below you will see many pictures of fish caught with us on our Light Tackle fishing trips, along with a fishing calender to help you decide when you will want to reserve your fishing trip with us (Vikings Fleet Sport Fishing).

        GULF CONEY                        BLACK SEA BASS
    baqueta                                         mero

        ROOSTER FISH                        SIERRA MACKEREL
    pez gallo                                         sierra

        YELLOW SNAPPER                        PACIFIC RED SNAPPER
    pargo amarillo                                         huachinango


                        PACIFIC PERMIT                                  SNOOK            
               pampano                                 robalo


                           TRIGGER FISH                    SPOTTED ROSE SNAPPER            
             cochi                                  pargo chihata



caught by Darlen
Murray and Darlene Light Tackle Fishing

cabrilla caught while fishing in mazatlan
Great catch by Einar on 09 Jun. 2005

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