Mazatlan fishing report.  We have received many e-mails asking for us to post a weekly fish report for Mazatlan Mexico. We here at Vikings Fleet Sport Fishing in Mazatlan Mexico offer the best and most current fishing information from Mazatlan Mexico with our fish report updated weekly. This fishing report can assist you in deciding on when and what type of fishing you want to do while here in Mazatlan fishing with us.   So here is our weekly fishing report. 

This fish report will be updated on a weekly basis to give  everyone information on what is biting here in Mazatlan.  The fish report includes all fish from both our DEEP SEA and LIGHT TACKLE trips.

Jan 1 to Jan 5 2015


This last week we caught 3 Striped Marlin and 3 Sailfish. The largest billfish caught with our fleet this week was a 107 lb StripedMarlin.

DORADO:  This last week, the bite on the Dorado was average with a total of 74 landed. The Dorado average at 10 lbs to 13 lbs with the occasional large Bull Dorado around 40-50 lbs.

YELLOWFIN TUNA:  We had 0 Yellowfin Tuna caught this last week.

SHARK:  0 Shark caught this week. The Mako is also called "Swordfish with teeth".. They are excellent to eat and as their nickname says, they are very similar to Swordfish as far as the taste and texture.


We get 7 types of Snapper here which includes the Pacific Red Snapper, Mexican Barred Snapper, Spotted Rose Snapper, Yellow Snapper.  This last week, the bite on the Red Snapper had alot of action for all to have fun for the entire family.

GROUPER:  This week our boats are still landing quite a few grouper which are a very memorable catch for any angler. These fish do not stay for long, so get in on the fishing while they are around and biting.

TRIGGER FISH: The Trigger fish bite as always was really great this week again. This is a fun fish for all ages to catch, and of course make great fish tacos..

We are getting quite a few Corvina and Perch lately on our Light Tackle Fishing trips. The are small game fish but are alot of fun to catch.

These trips are great for the entire family to have fun and plenty of action..


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