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Black Marlin
(Makaira Indika)
125-300 lbs Avg.

Blue Marlin
125-300 lbs Avg.

Striped Marlin
(Tetrapturus Audax)
125-250 lbs Avg.

(Xiphias Gladius)
200-500 lbs Avg.

(Istiophorus Platypterus)
60-80 lbs Avg.

Mahi Mahi

(Coryphaena Hippurus)
10-30 lbs Avg.
May reach 80 lbs.

Yellowfin Tuna
(Thunnus Albacares)
20-40 lbs Avg.
Up to 388 lbs.

(Acanthocybium Solanderi)
30-60 lbs Avg.
Up to 150 lbs.

(Katsuwonus Pelamis)
5-10 lbs Avg.
Up to 50 lbs.

(Sarda Chiliensis)

swordfish identification


Xiphias Gladius

Swordfish are a rare catch here in Mazatlan Mexico but can be found from Janaury thru May and prefer water from 65 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The Swordfish here average around 200 lbs. The world record of the Swordfish is 1182 lbs. off Chili

The color on the back of the Swordfish may vary from black, grayish blue, brown, metallic purple, or bronze with their sides being dusky to dirty white below on their belly. As thier name describes, they have a long, flat, sword like upper jaw. Swordfish lack scales and are known for their large eyes as they are for deep water feeding normally at night normally from 400 to 500 fathoms.


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